Saturday, October 07, 2006

Everybody Talks About The Weather, But No One Does Anything About It

Back from a very fun trip to the East Coast, including a great time in Cincinnati, Yale, Newport RI, and Manhattan. I have no idea what's been big in the news. Just a vague impression that the press is gleeful over some sort of garden-variety perversion scandal that, I'm sure, will have not one iota of effect on the next election, so lots of noise about nothing, and I don't regret missing any of the details. It is refreshing not to be immersed in the futile, "what will we be saying tomorrow about what we think today about what we were saying yesterday about what that guy said about what we said last week about that other guy" fever dream, hall-of-mirrors, self-stroking insanity of the MSM (and to some degree, but on a much higher intellectual level, the Blogosphere).

First post I looked at to get back up to speed is this unusual one from The Anchoress. It seems that cosmic rays have a bigger effect on climate and weather than anyone would've thought.

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