Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Leaking Secrets Is Such An Outrage And Stuff


I'm searching the internet right now and I can't find a single Democrat condemning the leaking of a homosexual Senator's personal messages to a legal aged ex-page.

As I look up these leaks there are thousands of hysterical politicians demanding an investigation as to who leaked Valerie Plame's name...was it Cheney? Libby? Oh, it's Armitage? Nevermind. Leaking is only bad if it chums the water against Rove.

I can't seem to find any condemnation from Democrats for the New York Times leaking our intelligence techniques for gleaning phone records and banking transactions of supposed terrorists. Maybe if the supposed terrorists were Republican homosexuals they might finally conced wire-tapping.

Just to get things straight, we can't intercept the personal interactions of suspected terrorists but we should widely disseminate and publicize the personal sexual exchange between two legal aged homosexuals. I stay up late at night wondering how we can get these poor democrats more power and more leadership roles for the good of America.

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