Saturday, October 07, 2006

I Got A Gut Feeling!

Awesome anti-jihad video! Set to one of my all time favorite DEVO songs. Appears on a site called "What Would Charles Martel Do?"

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Kiddo said...

Hey, great blog! I just now found your link to my Simple Math video. Boy, was that fun to make! That was the first video that I was able to edit on the computer entirely, using no video footage of my own. It was like going back to film school. Now when I respond to comments on it (yes, people still hurl insults at YouTube months after each post), I still have to just play the whole thing so that I can hear the entire song! I love that song, definitely my favorite by DEVO, but also the lyrics were just perfect, and the upbeat manner of it was just great to counter-balance the serious nature of the subject matter.

Anyway, I'm writing a longer comment than your post, though that is a bit of a weakness of mine. I'm happy to have found your site, and grateful for the link. I'm also a recent convert to Christianity, and I also chose the Catholic Church once I had settled down enough to pick a church. I look forward to reading your site from now on!