Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hippie Foolishness

Which 60's stoner philosopher said this?

If we take away the subject (Humans), or even only the subjective constitution of our senses in general, then not only the nature and relations of objects in space and time, but even space and time themselves disappear; and that these, as appearances, cannot exist in themselves, but only in us. What may be the nature of objects considered as things in themselves and without reference to the receptivity of our sensibility is quite unknown to us. .... not only are the raindrops mere appearances, but even their circular (spherical) form, nay, the space itself through which they fall (motion), is nothing in itself, but both are mere modifications or fundamental dispositions of our sensible intuition, whilst the transcendental object remains for us utterly unknown.

It wasn't Timothy Leary. But it was in the 60's. The 1760's (approx). The hippie stoner was Immanuel Kant. I've never understood why this guy is so highly regarded.

I found the quote in this TenNapel piece about the postmodern absence of artistic form. The piece also contains this section:

Before hippies destroyed the western world in the late 60s there was a concept called "form". Form is structure. It is a skeleton which has an central idea and existence and it holds together various details which add up to a specific instance of the form.

John's right. The arts have never had lower standards for skill-less dummies to succeed. Photoshop, Maya and ACID music mixing software have allowed for no-talents to manipulate the arts.

The bastards that make [stuff] like this must hate kids. Either that or they are just plain retarded.

I'll go with both. They're retarded because we have entered this self delusion en masse. They hate children because ever since the lie of ZPG (zero population growth) people literally hate children. We abort em', resent them, fear having them and eventually dismantle our own culture over the fear of parenting them...

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