Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stay Tuned

Gates Of Vienna ruminates on the future of Europe.

The piece starts:


You have said that the countries of Western Europe are facing a civil war in the near future, fueled by the large mass of unassimilated immigrant Muslims which politically correct orthodoxy has allowed to accumulate.

I agree.

You have said that we are probably seeing the first skirmishes of this war in the riots that have recently broken out in Brussels, Gothenburg, Windsor, and the banlieux of Paris. You see these as the beginning of what might be called the Multicultural World War.

I agree.

But, now that the war is starting, how will it unfold? Assuming that the native inhabitants of Europe do not simply lie down in the streets like good dhimmis and let the legions of the Prophet trample over them, what will come next?

Here are some meditations about the future of Europe...

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