Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Real Circus

Sullivan was on Hugh Hewitt yesterday. He was absurdly combative. BTW, he asserts that it is no one's business if he is a Christian, that the Gospels are not inspired, that Jesus was searching for the truth, that Jesus did not have a theology, that St. Paul had a fatal effect on Christianity, and that the very idea of the importance of doctrine is Phariseeism. He also endorses Jefferson's editing of the Bible with scissors to distill it down to what Jesus really teaches. But he's a devout Catholic. Here's a roundup link by Hewitt, plus a Townhall column he wrote about the interview. If you've got time, you should listen to the interview. Transcript is here.

Definitely check out Lileks' call in parody of Sullivan's ranting.

Update: A couple of theologically informed bloggers look at Sullivan's, shall we say, unusual theology and ecclesiology.

Update: Someone noticed that Sullivan held up Pontius Pilate as a great moral thinker, because Pilate asked "what is truth?" Of course he said this after Jesus said that He had come to give witness to the truth. After which Pilate had Jesus crucified. But, hey.

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Anonymous said...

I had to give up on Andrew Sullivan a couple of years ago, after years of reading him in National Review and then his blog (the first blog I read daily). One of the most tragic cases of Bush Derangement Syndrome I've ever seen - tragic because, unlike most BDS sufferers, Sullivan once possessed a fine mind. He's long gone now into sheer fanaticism (which, through projection, he constantly accuses everyone else of). And to think, it all started because of an obsession with his little winkie....