Thursday, September 16, 2004

Intelligent Design/Evolution Posts

December 2004


What Kind of God

February 2005

Designs Of The Times

March 2005

The Emperor Sure Does Look Grand

April 2005

The Impersonal Deterministic Laws Of Physics Have Constrained Me To Disbelieve In Philosophical Naturalism. My Bad.

Excellent Online Lecture

May 2005

The Great Debate

Some Excellent Television

Case In Point: Why Intelligent Design Is A Growing Movement

A Beautiful, Superb Article

Well, Well, Well

Good Analogy

I'm Thinking There Really Must Be Something To It

Peeve Farm On Intelligent Design

American Spectator Has Good ID Intro

Embrace Futility And Love It. Otherwise You Are A Fascist Theocrat.

Is It A Certain Truth That Doubt Must Trump Certainty? I Doubt It. I Most Certainly Do.

June 2005

That Mystical Negation Symbol, Again

Caricatured Argument

Outstanding Evolution Essay

Outstanding Evolution Essay Part Deux

Who Designed The Designer?

July 2005

Clearing The Air

Some Natural Theology

August 2005

Immutable Science That Dare Not Be Questioned

The Little Engine That Could

Darwinism Has Nothing To Do With Atheism? Good. Take The Salamander Off Your Car, Then.

So, When Arguing Before Congress Or A School Board, Science Doesn't Imply Atheism, Otherwise, It Does?

A Philosophical Fisking

Oh, The Irony

Chopra On ID

Meta Ignorance


September 2005

The Lynchpin, The Very Cornerstone. Not Quite.

Flypaper For The Darwinist Peanut Gallery

October 2005

A Pro-ID Column In A Most Unexpected Place

An Excellent Book Review

We Have Separation Of Church And State In This Country. Therefore There Can Be No Scientific Evidence That Life Was Designed!

What's Good For The Goose

Well Said

It's Nobody's Fault

A Principle For Examining The Intelligent Design Controversy

A Coupla Good Evolution Essays

November 2005

Light The Way Before Us, O Priest. Light The Way With Your Bunsen Burner.

Here Is What My Religion Teaches About Intelligent Design

Bravura Commentary On The ID/Evolution Debate

An Engineer's Look At Biological Design

Genuine Rocket Scientist On ID

Apologetics By TenNapel

December 2005

Nice Mainstream ID Article

A Muslim On ID

A Term Defined

The Sheer Madness Of The Left

A Touching Faith In Magic

Pretty Good Forum Post

With The Entrails Of The Last Priest

And So It Goes

Excellent ID/Evolution Article

Darwinism: The Queen Of The Junk Sciences

January 2006

Wow, That Would Be A Brilliant Strategy. Do Please Try It.

Pay No Attention To The Salamander

Thuggery, Pure And Simple

What He Said

Bring. It. On.

No One Owns The Data Of Science

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

I Got Your 'Unfalsifiable' Right Here

Orson Scott Card Weighs In

Rebuttal To The Rebuttal

Succinctly Stated

February 2006

Anti-Theism Column

Behe Defends Self Against Sophistry Of Judge Jones

No Real Biologist Doubts Darwinsim, Because, After All, If You Doubt Darwinism, You're Not A Real Biologist!

Newton's Principia Does Not Belong In The Science Classroom

March 2006

Proper Science Would Be Unthinkable Without It


ID'ists Are After Our Precious Bodily Fluids

Let The Sunshine In

There Is Nothing Unconstitutional About 'Bad Science' Or 'Not Science

Berlinski Amuses

April 2006

Sorry, But Death Is Not A Creative Force

Missing Link

There Is No Controversy, And We Are Debating It

Swing And A Miss

Desperate Explaining Away

Striking A Brave Blow For Freedom Of Inquiry

The Great Debate

First Time I've Seen It Stated Quite Like This

Some Monkeys Want To Use Educational Film Strips To Tell Other Monkeys What To Think About Being Monkeys

May 2006

The Theory Rests On Very Solid Fundamental Theological Arguments

June 2006

The Designer Speaks

Man-Made Invention Of Soothing Religious Ideas

Co-option. Is There Anything It Can't Do?

July 2006

Medawar, Eden, and Ulam Are Just A Bunch Of Bush Voting Theocratic Morons

Sophistry Leads To Stimulating Discussion

Evolutionary Dead Ends

Obviously, Only Catholics Have Standing To Assess The Believability Of Catholicism

August 2006

A Counter-Analogy

If Darwinists Wonder Why ID Is Gaining Adherents, All They Need Do Is Look In The Mirror

In The Interests Of Prudence And Comity, Theists Really Ought To Shut Their Pie Holes

Chesterton Quote

September 2006

The Inescapable Clutches Of Evolution Somehow Let This Guy Slip Through

The Complex Traits Just Poof Into Existence, And Natural Selection Then Does All The Heavy Lifting

Good Q&A

You May Be A Fundamentalist Atheist If...

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