Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Liberals Don't Think in Black and White

From The Corner:
SIGH [Jonah Goldberg]

One more for the how liberals see themselves file. What I love about these explanations (We good. They bad. They simple. We complex.) is that they are so dualistic and simplistic in their us-versus-them-ness at the same time they righteously denounce that kind of thinking. From the novelist Roland Merullo in today's Boston Globe:

At their essence, conservatives are on guard, bristling, armed with a righteous anger, prone to mockery of their enemies, sure of themselves, unwilling to criticize America, especially by comparing it to anyplace else. The attacks of Sept. 11 only confirmed their world view: We are constantly at risk.

Liberals are mannered, sensitive, armed with intellectual cynicism, self-critical, eager to learn from other cultures, wanting there to be no pain in the world. The attacks made them sad and angry, too, but their reflex was more pensive than vengeful.
If I were John Belushi, I'd smash this guy's guitar against the wall.

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