Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I Don't Think I'm Being Credulous

The more I've read up on and thought about the whole Bush National Guard story, the more I'm convinced that there is NOTHING fishy going on about how Bush got into the guard, whether his service was honorable, whether he was insubordinate, whether strings were pulled, etc. The whole thing seems absolutely on the up and up, to me. CBS's behavior in using forged memos to establish their "blockbuster revelation" story had me beginning to doubt the widespread conventional wisdom that says "Of course Bush pulled strings to get into the guard in order to avoid Vietnam service." For one thing, if the story was so well established then why the need for a new blockbuster revelation to prove it? How can the memos be "fake but accurate" if they were key to a new revelation that finally, at long last, proves what everyone supposedly knew all along, but somehow couldn't prove previously?

But that has all been covered again and again, elsewhere. What is new are the types things being highlighted by Ann Althouse today. Over the last few days I've seen other such indications (sorry, do not have links). One example is that Bush racked up three times as many points as he was required to while he was in the Guard.

This is worth reading. Also, I note that, like Bush, it was my dad who inspired me to become a pilot. My grandfather was a pilot, too. Not military for any of us, just general aviation. But I can empathize with Bush taking advantage of whatever chance he had to learn how to fly jets.

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