Sunday, September 26, 2004

Chronicle of Higher Education Forum

It's all worth reading, here's one exchange:

Question from David Forman, Concordia University, Montreal:

Since conservative American ideology, in its current incarnation, is hostile to free speech, hostile to the free exchange of ideas, suspicious of scientific inquiry that is free of ideological pressure, and generally anti-intellectual, isn't a forcefully articulated anticonservative stance a simple matter of self-preservation for University Professors? Shouldn't we try to preserve a free society in which we can practice our chosen profession freely?

Robert G. Natelson:

Dear Mr. Forman:

Since your premise is nonsense, I can't really respond to your question. The premise suggests one of my principal points: Many academics live in an environment in which they are not exposed to modern conservative thought.A personal example: I'm conservative, and I don't think that even my worse enemies would accuse me of the things you ascribe to conservatives.

Thanks for writing.

Rob Natelson

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