Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Memogate Not Enough for CBS

Cold Fury has a nicely written post regarding CBS treating the "Bush Has a Secret Plan to Reinstate the Draft" hoax as if it were accurate, or not fake, or whatever.

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Anonymous said...

I presume that the interest in the monophyletic (single, common ancestor) origin of all present-day humans stems from a desire to take comfort in the veracity of the Genesis story. Certainly, had the scientific study cited demonstrated the likelihood of a polyphyletic origin; this would have diminished easy interpretations of Genesis in historical terms. We have been spared of that struggle. It must be pointed out that a monophyletic origin of all present-day humans is not a defeater of a naturalistic view of Homo sapiens. Instead, it merely suggests a possibility that there was an individual who, unlike all other humans alive at the time, was blessed with descendants. You must still decide, based on your chosen prejudicial stance, what "blessed" means.