Monday, February 15, 2010

Patiently Explained Once Again To Those Who Have Chosen Not To Understand

It ain't just the atheists who play dumb when it comes to ID. Jay Richards responds to Stephen Barr here.

The sometimes ignorant Glenn Reynolds trumpets (gleefully?) the spurious idea that First Things has officially disavowed ID here. But of course, just because a magazine devoted to intellectual discussion and debate publishes one author's opinion, this does not constitute an official endorsement of that opinion.


Ilíon said...

Yeah, in that regard -- and even though I don't consider myself an IDist -- Mr Barr disappoints me.

Ilíon said...

I bought and read Barr's "Modern Physics and Ancient Faith" (probably due to a discussion/review of in in First Things); I've subsequently decided that Barr is what I call a scientiste, an adherent of scientism (or, 'Science!).

Ilíon said...

Richards: "(I think it’s problematic to speak of physical constants as “causes,” but let that pass for now)."

And it's more than problematic -- it's incoherent -- to speak of "chance" as a cause, but the IDists constantly do it.

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