Sunday, February 28, 2010

One Can Only Hope

AJ Strata:

The entire nation is rapidly coming to the conclusion that this election has to send a clear and loud message to DC. We are going to pick one of two diverging paths this year and they need to listen. The liberals are going to try and push through Health Care establishing their preferred choice.

If they are lucky they will lose in Congress because enough dead-end Democrats will realize they are now free to vote their will and kill it. All Democrats now have very little chance of another term in the majority beyond November, many have no hope of another term ever. This actually releases Democrats from any pressure by the liberal leadership. They are now free to vote the path they want the country on: government control of our lives or individual freedoms and choices (with the requisite responsibility for the results).


What will happen if the Liberals actually convince Democrats to drive off this cliff is there will be a mandate from the people to dismantle the Health Care madness completely – and then to move onto other areas of government intrusion. Liberals think they can control the outrage building in the nation, that their delusions of grandeur will come shining through as established fact for the peasants and dullards who make up the electorate once their dream passes. They are completely clueless of course. If they continue down this path the country will rise up and smash them and anything even slightly tied to them.

They risk an enormous counter force that will roll back a century of building up the federal leviathan. The people will be so furious with these eggheads in DC taking their health care away they will support the break up of federal power over the states on all fronts.

There is no winning path for the liberals anymore. The GOP knows it, which is why they can stand pat without any risk. The only choice for the centrist Democrats is to decide how much damage they want the federal system to take in response to the liberal power grab. With an approval rating now between 10-20% it is now a question of what each Democrat wants to stand for as the their party flounders like the ‘unsinkable’ Titanic. There will be no Obamacare in a year.

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