Sunday, February 07, 2010

Denninger's Take

Good essay re: small business loans.

It concludes:

This bleating from places like The Wall Street Journal and the crackpots of advocacy is misplaced. If you're a small businessperson and you can't make a go of it without unsound loans - that is, loans made without full regard to "the 5C's" - then you shouldn't get the loan. Most of you shouldn't take the loan whether you can get it or not - the interest costs are just a millstone around your neck that will restrain both your choices and profitability in the future.

The day of the Ponzi is over folks.

Grow organically, manage your cash flow, and ask yourself this - if you lack collateral or capital, why should someone else loan it to you if you're not able to pay it back?

If you don't lack capital or collateral, why is it that you want someone else - in this case a bank - to take risk with THEIR capital you won't take with YOURS?

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