Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Hard To Disagree That Racsim Is The Major Factor In This Election

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david levavi:

There is racism aplenty at work in this campaign but it all works in Obama’s favor.

Consider the African American vote that tilts 90% plus for Obama. Not racist?

Then there is the absence of any mention of race in discussing the current financial crisis. At the heart of corruption was the notion that African Americans would be better integrated into the American mainstream and less restive if they had a stake in America. Home ownership without credit was the policy to accomplish that goal. And activist organs of the far Left like ACORN used the tried and true coercive methods of Jesse Jackson and like poverticians to force banks to give loans to poor, AKA, black folk. Barney Frank preemptively remarks on this, complaining that criticism of Fannie and Freddie are veiled racist attacks on poor Blacks.

Finally there is the Pathologically twisted white liberal vote to consider. I live in the most liberal district in the nation. Walk down the streets of the Upper West Side and you’d imagine the neighborhood is as mixed as can be. Plural to a fault. Black people and white people mix freely and amicably wherever you look.

But the impression is false. The superliberal Upper West Side is lily-white. The people of color on the street are the service classes who don’t live anywhere near the Upper West Side. They’re the doormen and the handymen and the store-cashiers and the child-care and elder-care employees who wipe the noses and the arses of the liberal residents and allow them to enjoy their liberal fantasies in comfort and luxury. If the same statistical measures were used to measure racism in housing on the Upper West Side as are used to measure racism in employment in businesses or enrollment in schools, the Upper West Side would be condemned for apartheid.

But Upper West Siders are voting overwhelmingly for Obama. They like Black people. See how pleasantly they smile at the cashier making change for them . Do they ever fail to say hello and exchange a friendly word with their doorman? Don’t they treat their babysitter and their housekeeper as practically a member of the family? Don’t they give up their seat on the bus for an elderly or pregnant Black woman? They just don’t happen to live with Black people or socialize with them.

In the movies and their TV screens Black and White Americans get along famously and that’s how Upper West Siders imagine themselves. Every white hero has a Black sidekick. Scientists, computer whizzes, physicians and executives of every kind are as often as not dark-skinned on screen. News programs, dramas, talk shows and commercials are full of Black people. What could be more healthy or soothing? Or less representative of everyday reality?

Moneyed, urban and suburban liberal whites voting for Obama are convinced hypocrites sold on their own delusions of altruism. They are voting for Obama to feel virtuous when they are anything but. Because they are in the sleazy habit of no-cost-to-themselves affirmative action. Because Obama is Black.

And that’s racism, plain cold and brutal. White liberal racism victimized Hillary Clinton. It is now victimizing John McCain.

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It needs a major overhaul.

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