Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama Supporters In A State Of Shock?


BREAKING: you know this audiotape is bad for Obama, REALLY bad, because Obama’s followers got dead SILENT all of a sudden

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We have not had a single nasty comment by an Obama follower on this site since Drudge ran the gigantic headline about Obama’s socialist agenda, and audiotape proof of it breaking.

Whenever Obama is in trouble, these people clam up.

The worse something is for Obama, the quieter his followers get.

It’s how we gauge the impact of something around here.

Not a single Obamabot comment in the last hour. We’d usually have 30 of them in our spam filter in that hour.


Where did they all go?

UPDATE: Seriously. Two hours now. Not a single Obama Kool-Aid Gang comment. And these people are up all night attacking us, telling us how Obama will win, and making fun of Hillary Clinton supporters or saying vile things about Hillary herself. They do this all night — but not tonight. They’ve done this nonstop since we started this blog back in February. But not tonight.

Know when the last time they just got really, really quiet like this was?

When Jeremiah Wright became a household name.

That, and right after Hillary Clinton won primaries the media all claimed she’d lose. There was silence for a day or so after each of those, especially after the clobbering Obama took in West Virginia. Dead quiet then.

But, this feels more like the Jeremiah Wright silence - maybe because it came right out of the blue like this. We never go over to Kos or HuffPo, so we have no idea what’s happening over there. Please fill us in if you visit those places and let us know how Obama’s followers are reacting to this tape...


Anonymous said...

A really interesting post, really. Makes me think about this thing I came across on YT that sums up what this election is all about. Time to get fired up and get past the hype!!! Makes you think:

Matteo said...

Yes. It makes me think. It makes me think you're just another Kool-Aid drinker. Got Marx?