Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An Analogy

From this comment:

Gary Ogletree:

If Dear Leader is elected there may be a silver lining. McCain might be lucky not to take office with such a severe recession developing. (Our country not so lucky.) This thing could easily last four years. Expect the new regime to screw up everything they touch. Their addiction to spending, taxing and borrowing will not be tempered by the dire economic situation. Expect the Obama cult thugocracy to be more vicious and the Constitution violated at will. After a few years of this a large majority of Americans will have had enough of wealth redistribution, oppression studies, reparations, indoctrination, unemployment, etc. Thus, we could see Americans vehemently reject Obama Socialism the way the tribes of Anbar rejected Al Queda style Sharia. Nothing beats experience when it comes to learning the hard truth. Then the question becomes, as it is in Venezuela now, can the emerging dictatorship be overthrown by the ballot box or will a rigged electoral system make it necessary to resort to armed resistance? So we could get a nasty case of socialism that acts like an innoculation, or we could be on the road to the gulag or to civil war. God bless America and keep us free, whatever the cost.

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