Thursday, October 23, 2008

But Come On, These Would Just Be Smokescreens Keeping Us From Focusing On The Real Issues, Like Palin's Wardrobe

The Corner:

New Party: Where's the Press? [Peter Kirsanow]

As Stanley notes below, despite the existence of documentary evidence that Obama was a member of the New Party, it appears that no one in the mainstream press has covered the matter.

Within days of McCain's selection of Sarah Palin the mainstream press was all over her purported membership in the Alaskan Independence Party — universally described as a fringe party.

The Alaskan Independence Party is no more fringe or radical than the New Party, the tenets of which are plainly redistributionist. Indeed, the New Party appears to have been an adjunct of the Democratic Socialists of America. In fact, a DSA newsletter refers to a speech given by Obama at the Young Democratic Socialists Conference.

A presidential candidate tells Joe the Plumber that the candidate wants to "spread the wealth." The candidate then denies that such statements betray socialist inclinations. Yet it appears that the candidate's statement is consistent with the philosophy of the party to which he once belonged. Questions abound. But the press remains incurious.

Stanley and Andy have strewn the breadcrumbs in plain sight of the mainstream press: Ayers, Dohrn, Klonsky, Wright, Davis, New Party. The press refuses to report on this pattern, except to accuse those who are curious about these alliances of being racist.

What will the press do once Obama's in office?

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