Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Debate

John McCain, when you said you wanted to give a "do-over" to every idiot who got in over his head on real estate, and at the expense of those who didn't, you lost me. If I have to live the next 4 years under socialist misrule, I'd rather the socialists be called "Democrats", just so we as a nation can keep all the proper lines of blame in tight focus. Your half-assed Republicanism is of no use to this country, and just clouds the discernment process.

Hopefully Palin will be able to do a better job in 2012. We'll need someone with balls to pick up the pieces after 4 years of Obamian Marxism.

You'll be of more use in the tiny Republican Senate minority, where you can be relied upon to solidly defend conservative values, depending, that is, on the outcome of the latest toss of your "Maverick" coin.

I'm not voting Obama, but that doesn't mean I'm going to vote McCain. To hell with yet again being chumped by the GOP candidate! And to hell with watching the rest of this "debate"!

And good heavens, neither of these guys seems to have a coherent thought to express. Is it that hard to think and speak in paragraphs? The reason is probably that McCain simply lacks anything resembling a coherent political philosophy, whereas Obama probably does have quite a coherent philosophy that few would vote for if he spoke freely of it.

But the bottom line is that both of these guys are jokers.


Patm said...

If Obama gets into the WH with a Dem Congress and a couple new SCOTUS judges, you won't recognise America by 2012.

Vote for the sake of the SCOTUS if nothing else.

Matteo said...

Voting so that we have the correct judicial tyrants strikes me as being below the dignity of a free citizen. I object to the corruption inherent in the idea that our *true* master legislators are a handful of judges-for-life. I'm simply not going to play the "but what about the SCOTUS?" game anymore. This question is simply a prime example of "moral hazard", only in the political arena rather than the financial one. I will no longer support a clueless bunch of spineless and useless morons like the GOP in its present form just because there is a smidgeon of a scintilla of a possibility that one of them just might appoint the right kind of judge who will then magically save our republic via judicial rulings.

But that doesn't mean I can see no other avenues of hope:


Warren said...


I will be voting for McCain based on both the Supreme Court and national defense issues. But I certainly can see where you're coming from. And I have wondered for some time now if maybe the only way to cauterize the absolute madness that has engulfed the Left in this country is to let them have total power for a while... and let them fail and be discredited.

Anonymous said...

I'm with patm. After 4 or 8 years of Obama there's no reason to think that we can could rebuild. I'd rather have a half full glass (McCain) than an empty one (Obama). Sure McCain's not a conservative but at least I respect him personally and he's pretty solid (although not perfect) on life issues. Obama's a total disaster (especially when you consider the likely Congress) and is only a plus in the sense that an Obama presidency might provide many opportunities to offer up suffering in union with Christ.