Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We Believe That Terrorism Should Be Safe, Legal, And Rare!

John Hawkins has a good article about the Dems 'can-do' attitude in fighting the terrorists.

[T]he Democrats have no strategy at all. Of course, they would deny that, but undercutting every effort to fight terrorism and then planning to blame any terrorist attacks that happen as a result on George Bush isn't a strategy.

Sadly, you have to go all the way back to their vote for the war in Afghanistan, way back in 2001, to find the Democratic Party making themselves of use in the War on Terror...well, wait, that's not exactly true. The Democratic Party has, in an act of unparalleled moral courage akin to coming out against child molestation, endorsed capturing Osama Bin Laden. Clap. Clap. Clap. Great job, guys.

Aside from those two meager contributions to the War on Terror, the majority of Democrats in Washington have been nothing but a hindrance to Republicans who want to stop another 9/11 from occurring on American soil.

What's that, you say? Democrats want to stop terrorism from occurring, too? That's fantastic, but what have they actually done about it? From where most Americans are sitting, Democrats seem to oppose terrorism about the same way that they oppose abortion. They may say that they want abortion to be safe, rare and legal, but in practice, they oppose any and every policy that might actually cut into the number of abortions. When it comes to terrorism, they say that they're serious about fighting it, but they oppose almost every policy that might actually make it easier for us to kill the terrorists or prevent them from murdering Americans.


It's almost impossible to overstate how bad the Democratic Party is on national security issues. In fact, if the entire Democratic Party in Congress were on al Qaeda's payroll, the only way you could tell the difference would be that the terrorist-controlled senators would vote in favor of national security issues more often than Dems like Ted Kennedy so that people wouldn't figure out that they were ringers.


Quite frankly, that is an unforgivable flaw in a political party. Paraphrasing something that Denis Healey once said, if "our security is imperiled, we have no houses, we have no hospitals, we have no schools. We have a heap of cinders." So, saying that the Democrats are a fine party except that they're weak on national defense is like saying that you have a great car, but it explodes in a cataclysmic fireball if it goes over 55 MPH...

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