Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Everyone Knows How To Be Pope But The Pope

Excellent piece by Carl Olson (H/T Amy Welborn). See also this Amy Welborn post that highlights a former Vatican censor who explains why the offensive material should have been stripped out to yield a bland speech which would have been in no danger of widespread discussion. I mean, everyone knows that religion's function is to be irrelevant. I left this comment to the Welborn post:

Doesn't anyone understand that the number one job of the Vicar of Christ, as given by The Lord Himself, is to not make waves? The Pope's job is certainly not to say anything provocative that will get people to think and discuss matters of religious import. No, everything the Pope says is supposed to be relegated to the back pages of obscure theological journals. Doesn't the Pope understand his place in global society? To be a kindly, harmless old man that would never offend anybody? That's what Jesus wants, right?

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