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Are Unreasonable Bloodthirsty Savages Preparing To Rampage In Response To Pope Saying That Being An Unreasonable Bloodthirsty Savage Is Unreasonable?

The initial signs detailed here and here.

Info on the Pope's recent address which is now raising the ire of the Religion of Peace is here.

If the Jihadis don't like what Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus had to say about Islam 600 years ago, then maybe they ought to conquer Constantinople or something, but why take it out on the Pope?

If the Jihadis want to go seriously and openly anti-Catholic on the world, then it will just bring the tipping point that much closer...

Some reader feedback from the Daily Mail article:

People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.

- Russell, Slough ,UK

The Pope says that jihad violence is against God's nature and officials fear that in response, Muslims enraged by this insult will commit... jihad violence.

It's time the non-Islamic world demanded an apology from Muslim nations for insults to their religions.

- N. Simon, London, UK

How over-sensitive would you have to be to be offended by the Pope's words? I think that anyone who is enraged by these words should seek anger management as a matter of priority.

- Grace James, Reading

When are they ever not furious with anyone and everyone?

- Mjf, Liverpool

If Islam is such a "peace loving" religion why do its adherents react with such outrage to any perceived criticism - real of otherwise? Scarcely a day goes by without some Muslim cleric or politician in the name of Jihad calling for the killing of unbelievers, but we are expected to take it all lying down for the sake of promoting cultural harmony. Freedom of speach is rapidly becoming a one-way street. No doubt we will get the usual knee jerk reactions from apologists for Islamic fundamentalism in the UK. Perhaps they can explain why it is forbidden to practice Christianity in Saudi Arabia?

- Mike, Appleby, Cumbria

Would you ever see Christians burning flags, rioting, and calling for holy war when offended? These people need to grow up.

- Crockett, Knoxville, USA

Sounds to me like nothing much has changed in the 700 years since this enlightened Emperor made his statement.

- Owen Kenny, London

Strange how something said over 600 years ago should create such a hysterical reaction from people trying to convince us that it is not true.

- John Ball, Bristol

So it's OK for the president of Iran to constantly spout anti-semitic and anti-Christian rhetoric, but as soon as the Pope quotes someone else's rather dodgy views on Islam, Muslims of the world are outraged.

- N. Simon, London, UK

Pope Benedict made it quite clear that he was quoting from an existing 14th century text. The Muslim world jump on anyone who would appear to criticise their religion to stifle any debate regarding this and we must really ask the question why?

- P. Houghton, Huddersfield, UK

I fear for the future of Islam in a western world given its inability to compromise and accept dialogue. The UK has accepted 1.5 million poor muslims all we seek is for them to embrace our culture of liberal values and freedom. The latter includes free speech. This is a difficult time for Islam and I feel for the many peaceful followers who are presented as radical by those that deny free speach and those that threaten us all.

- Adrian Scott, Weymouth Dorset UK

It strikes me that Muslims are rather too quick to take offence. It is this almost fanatical devotion and defensive reaction that makes many of us so suspicious.

- Bob Charles, Pldham

I dont get it, we are told on one hand Islam is a peace loving religion, but at the same time we are also told that the Pope's speech could cause violence. How do we square those two contradictory statements? You can't use violence to make your point and then call yourself peace loving.

- Kevin Law, Dundee

Apologise... are you kidding me? For What?

- Deb, Ont

The truth hurts doesn't it?

God bless the Holy Father.

- Dl, Florida, USA

Lightening fast reaction from muslim leaders to something that portrays Islam in a bad light.

Can we expect the same speed of light reaction the next time their extremists commit atrocities that portray Islam in a bad light?

I'm not holding my breath!

- David, Chelmsford, UK

The statement quoted by the Pope is a matter of historical record. What's the problem? Because it relates unfavourably to Islam, is no one allowed to mention it? Mobs in Islamic countries can rant and rave at Christian countries and burn the flags of other countries and that's alright?

- Terence, Hereford, UK

Frankly I'm getting sick and tired listening to constant Muslim ranting about how much injustice they allegedly suffer. If they want to understand why they face such criticism they should take a good look in the mirror. When they start addressing some of the issues that put them at odds with the West they may find a more sympathetic ear. Muslims in western countries are made to feel like outsiders because that is what they choose to be.

- Keith Lonsdale, Doncaster

We need to read the Pope's lecture given in a university: it is an argument for the reasonableness of faith but the unreasonableness of blood shedding, hence jihad as warfare. The Pope quotes a ruler of Constantinople dialoguing with a Muslim, asking what good Mohammed had brought into religion. In other words, this was a footnote in a wider speech. The trouble, like the obscure Danish Cartoons, has been artificially whipped up again by the Islamic world, seeking to shut up any conceivable critism. Muslim scholars should reply with arguments, not with talk of 'offence' and veiled threats.

- Chesterton, Banbury

What the Pope said is completely true and I am sure he meant no offence. On the other hand how can the Muslims claim to be peace loving people when they are spreading hatred and blowing people up all over the world? How are we to know the difference?

- Joan Delany, Pontefract, England

The Pope was in no way denigrating Islam, only raising criticism of the more extreme priciples in Islam - which most of us agree with wholeheartedly.

Regarding the Pope's strict adherance to Catholic doctrine may not be to everyone's liking, but he is true to his beliefs and convictions, which I respect. If some Catholics don't like Church dogma, they are free to practice another faith that is more comfortable for them.

- Sandi, Edinburgh

To be honest I am getting sick of hearing about Muslims being offended at this and that, there is nothing more offensive than placards reading behead those that insult islam, we do not have to accept that. I am glad the Pope is speaking out where others haven't got the bottle.

- Nina, Notts

Here we go again. Any excuse. Muslims need to lighten-up and stop losing their rags so much. I don't always agree with things, but I don't go setting fire to stuff in the streets. Get a grip for goodness sake!

- Barb, Southport

I am no catholic, but I support the Pontiff 100% in his quote. For a supposedly 'peaceful' religion, followers of Islam are some of the most angry and violent adherents of any religion. Does Islam allow 'live and let live' at all? If not, why should anyone else give the slightest amount of repect to them?

- Ken Hall, Barrow, UK

And the muslims are behaving exactly as the pope's quotation said. They are truly living up to their peaceful doctrine. Will they never learn? It is this kind of reaction which makes the world look unfavourably on the muslim faith, not the fact that they are muslims.

- Elaine Grant, Herts, UK

It strikes me that Islam could well do with overhauling it`s level of sensitivity.

- John, UK

Everybody wants to be a Muslim. That's why there's mass migration from non-Muslim countries into their countries.

- Frank, Wolverhampton

The barbarians are at the gates!

- Fairfax, NY,NY

So Islam is a peace loving religion?

- Paul, Wilnecote

The angry mob is proving the Pope's point by their actions. If everybody went around causing a ruckus every time something they didn't agree with was said, the world would be in chaos.

- R. Hollander, Missouri, USA

Muslim's reactions to mere comments tells us something about their commitment to peace. Actions have always spoken louder than words.

- Mark S., Manitou springs, USA

So much for the "peaceful" religion of Islam.

- Andy, Atlanta, GA USA

Amy Welborn has a couple of good posts on this. The last two pictures in the second post say it all.

Update: Mary Katherine Ham has a roundup.

Update: Excellent Anchoress posts here and here.

Update: Very good analysis post here. The logic of what Benedict has done is a real masterstroke. Its effect reminds me of an exorcist commanding a demon to state its true name.

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Anonymous said...

So what are we Christians going to do about it? Apathy is the greatest danger to the free world. At the moment, I can worship how, where or even if - I want to but for how much longer. My grandson may not have this privilege when he decides whether (he has the choice) he wants to.
For the sake of being P.C. we bend over backwards, and then some, just to accommodate. Where does it stop. I am disappointed that the Pope felt he had to apologise at all - for what ? It is time we stood up and said 'enough is enough' but then we risk being blown up by this so called peaceful lot! God help us all!