Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Conspiracy So Vast

Good point:

Canadian Television Strives to Become the Media Equivalent of the Episcopal Church

Say something nice about Canadian troops: lose your job. Make a "documentary" of insane 9/11 Conspiracy Theories: well alrightee then!

I am dismayed that nobody has yet investigated my theory that the Bear Holding a Shark was behind the entire 9/11 operation. Why the cover up? Are things worse than we dared imagine?

Here's the whole problem with the 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists:

Let's suppose for a moment, some Evil Cabal at the White House and the Defense Dept. wanted to start the Iraq War by blowing up the WTC and themselves. Prescinding from the question "Why blow themselves up by targeting planes at Rumsfeld's and Bush's offices, respectively, when there are a lot of other targets that would inflame the American public just as easily?", the more obvious question is this:

"Why blame al-Quaeda?"

9/11 Conspiracy theorists want us to believe that the gov't deliberately engineered the attacks in order to stampede us to Iraq. If so, then why, after swallowing the camel of the premeditated murder of (potentially) 50,000 innocent Americans, would the Evil Cabal then strain at a gnat by hesitating to simply and directly lie and attribute the attack to Saddam, the better to launch a war immediately? Why bother with this middle man Osama, who nobody ever even heard of till 9/11? What's the point? [Not to mention the failure to simply plant a bunch of WMD's to be "discovered"]

The obvious answer is: because Osama really did engineer 9/11, and really did catch us with our pants around our ankles. The conflation of Osama with Saddam was an after-the-fact copmbination of serendipity for people who saw this as the opportunity to implement their strategy for democratizing the Mideast, and a natural function of human fear and confusion. But the notion that 9/11 was deliberately planned or even executed by the same government that gave you the post office, the tax code, and the $700 toilet seat is simply ridiculous.

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Milwaukeedave said...

If Geodubbya & Co. were so good at ruthlessly masterminding the events of 9/11, then why have they been so incompetent at ruthlessly prosecuting the war on Islamofascism? Why have they caved so readily to pressure from the Democrats, the disloyal opposition and the Leftist media? Oh, were only Bush the brute he is accused of being.