Friday, June 30, 2006

Now If, Say, They'd Knocked Down Two Of Our Biggest Skyscrapers With Hijacked Airliners, Well, That Would Be A Totally Different Thing!


Can This Guy Count to 11?

Writing on the Puffington Host, Philip Slater, who in 1982 "was chosen by MS. Magazine as one of its 'male heroes,' " says war is bad, and America is extra bad for waging it:

Perhaps the reason Americans seem so comfortable about bombing and invading little countries around the world is that the United States, unlike Europe, has never experienced "collateral damage". If we had ever been bombed and invaded ourselves, had our infrastructure demolished, been subject to foreign soldiers breaking into our homes at night, seen our children slaughtered and our houses destroyed, we would be, I suspect, less gung-ho about war and less cavalier about inflicting these horrors on other people.

If you take this guy at his word, he actually has never heard of Sept. 11.

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Anonymous said...

Evidently he has also never heard of the British burning Washington, Pancho Villa raiding border towns, or the Imperial Japanese Navy attcking Hawaii. What a maroon.