Monday, January 26, 2009

What's In A Slogan? Redux

Last year I deconstructed several of the pro-abortion slogans on display by the counter-protesters at the West Coast Walk For Life.

Just as I did last year, I'll refer to some of the many excellent photos taken by Steve Rhodes at this year's event (his is the most comprehensive set of photos you'll find, doing justice to both sides).

"Pro-Woman, Pro-Child, Pro-Choice"
"Pro-Woman, Pro-Baby, Pro-Baby Killin'"

"God Called. She Wants Her Rights Back."

Wow. Nothing will change our minds quicker than someone who doesn't know that God's not a "she".

How about justice for the little one who is the whole point of reproduction?

No, it's not a theocracy. Do you want to know why? Because the Christians whom you hate so much, the ones who used to run the whole show in this country, didn't make it a theocracy when they bloody well could have. I trust them to keep us from theocracy far more than I trust you to keep us from atheocracy.

That they do! And nothing is more oppressive than being slaughtered in the womb by your own parents or their hired guns.

Next time use a spell checker. At least you didn't say "Facism".

"Women Are Not Incubators"
Well of course not. But I'd have to add: "Women Are Not Inflatable Party Dolls"

You baby is not your body. "Choice" comes into the process a bit earlier than you suppose.

If you don't like back-alley coathanger abortions..then don't get one...
If you don't like back-alley coathanger abortions..then don't get one...
If you don't like back-alley coathanger abortions...If you don't like back-alley coathanger abortions...If you don't like back-alley coathanger abortions...
then don't get one! :-)

Keep it classy, potty mouths. And you, on the right, if you're so against war, why aren't you trying to end the attack on babies? BTW, we are trying to end the war. Through a little thing called victory.

For "all". Really? But aren't you leaving someone out? I thought you guys were inclusive.

I can think of one border you'll kill someone trying to cross.

If only you stopped there.

Safer for whom?

No one wants to force you to have a coathanger abortion. But the choice is yours!

I knew it!!! That's why I don't like feminism.

What happens on my plantation has nothing to do with you!!! BACK OFF

We can't. He kind of does what He wants.

Married? Then why didn't you bring your wives?

Separation of church and state! Are you trying to create a theocracy?

DISCLAIMER: This is a copy of last year's disclaimer. Before the comments to this post are swarmed with the delightful repartee of abortion enthusiasts, let me make a clarification. My whole point is that these slogans are woefully ineffectual at convincing, or even slightly swaying, those who believe for religious, philosophical, or prudential reasons that the unborn are people with rights (I'm assuming, of course, that your goal is to convince and not merely mock). If you hate the idea that someone would base these assessments on religious reasons, you should be arguing for the invalidity of the religion (note: merely ridiculing something you don't remotely understand, for example, Catholic orthodoxy, does not constitute an argument). If you think the philosophical arguments for the personhood of the unborn are invalid, you should be stating why. If you think principles of prudence (i.e. would you fire your rifle in target practice if you thought there was even a 1% chance that kids were playing in the barn behind the target?) aren't in play, then please present your locktight, inescapable, unrebuttable, irrefutable argument that the unborn are not persons.

If your answer to this is that "hey, you guys are guilty of the same thing," my answer to you is that you are the ones who are supposed to be so much smarter and nobler than all of us mind-numbed right-wing religious fascist robots. You are our intellectual superiors and should therefore have no problem educating us using legitimate arguments. Yes?

In any case, all of the knee-jerk emotional appeals on your signs merely assume what you have not bothered to address. Why is it that your side is not holding signs that simply say "You are mistaken. The unborn are not persons." That is the only truly legitimate basis for your position. Everything else is a disingenuous smokescreen. But maybe that's all you really have to offer.

And please do not forget: as purported champions of "democracy", you must realize that all arguments end at the ballot box. It is not necessary to convince every last person in this country of the rightness of either side's cause. That's why we have elections. Should your side lose, don't start screaming "fascism!" Doing so only confirms suspicions that you really don't believe in democracy in the slightest. And buck up: if Roe v Wade were overturned, nothing whatsoever would change in the jurisdictions lived in by 95% or more of the population. Our Walk for Life is primarily a spiritual, religious, and a "giving of witness", movement, not a political scheme. It may be difficult for you to comprehend, but politics is not our god.

And your side came out on top in the elections this year. So smile!

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