Friday, January 23, 2009

Here's A Change That Brings Me Hope

I find that I'm rather enjoying the media's conversion from ruthless slanderers into candy-assed bootlickers.

The latter condition should be a bit more obvious to the perpetually clueless, as well as more likely to change, due simply to the shame and embarrassment of being a sycophantic toady rather than Fighting the Man. One never tires of raining down righteous fury on the "wicked" and "evil", but staying perpetually on one's knees (or on all fours) eventually grows distinctly uncomfortable.

Who know, perhaps some of them will bgin to remember that back in the idealistic days of J-school, they were not aspiring to be court eunuchs.

These honorless buffoons had no trouble keeping the knives out for 8 years, but that's a mighty long time to remain in a state of emasculating idol-worship.

But until such time as they turn against the current Popular Girl, I'll continue to be amused by their total lack of self-respect.

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Warren said...

It's a spectacle - like a full solar eclipse, perhaps - that we may only get to see a couple of times in one lifetime. We should make the most of it and enjoy the show all we can!