Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fifth Annual West Coast Walk For Life

The West Coast Walk For Life took place yesterday in San Francisco. This one was the best attended yet, with about 32,000 participants. There were about 300 crazies on the other side this time. Their numbers were subdued due to the fact that the pro-life side now has little political influence, and moreover, most of the BDS props and signs that the leftist mobs bring to their demonstrations (no matter what the topic is) are suddenly obsolete, so even they know they'd look a little silly committing standard operating procedure again this year. Also, the police presence seemed to be scaled back by at least two-thirds this time out.

One of the neat things is that the event has become a tradition such that parishes and churches in attendance are becoming more creative with their signs, as well as bringing musical instruments, singing, and being festive. There were lots of spirited youth groups present (especially from Hispanic parishes) and more than half of the entire student body of Thomas Aquinas college was up from Southern California.

It was a good day under a chilly low overcast which threatened to drizzle but never really did.

My photos of the event are viewable here.

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