Friday, January 30, 2009

Telling It Straight

The Anchoress highlights a couple of must-reads.

One small quibble: at one point she says

Peggy Noonan, coming down from the cloud of sentiment she’s been riding for the past few gooey weeks, gets it just right today, as well. She is critical both the so-called “stimulus” package and Obama’s less-than-impressive “unifying.” He could have done something great this week - we all know it - and he chose to be precisely what we’re sick of: dismissive, partisan and arrogant.

Obama most certainly could not have done something great this week. The man is, and has always been, an empty-suited, sweet-talking fraud (and he is the person most fooled by his own schtick), wholly incapable of true greatness. He chose to be precisely what he is: dismissive, partisan and arrogant.

Prove me wrong, Mr. President!

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Anonymous said...

One of these days Americans will come to clearly understand the Left is vicious; no matter how sweet, gooey and precious are the words spoken the actions speak otherwise.

Poor Noonan, for such a smart person she still hasn't yet figured out she like so many of her 'educated class' have been swindled by the most brilliant confidence game ever played.

Ms Noonan you were willingly suckered and for your blindness humanity will suffer from your ignorance.