Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Hear You

An Althouse commenter:

Congress is rioting, looting the nation. They’re breaking the windows, stealing the TVs and Nikes, running out with arms full of merchandise.

Tell me what is related to the crisis - is it the things that are already funded in the normal budget, like smoking cessation and birth control? Analog Tv conversion boxes are going to restore someone’s 401K - exactly HOW?

This is insanity.

This is like saying you are giving money to Katrina victims to rebuild their lives and fix their homes and then taking that money and using it build a skatepark in Denver.

Does anyone really believe painting a bridge somewhere is going to fix anything?

You’ll be at 4 trillion before this orgy is over.

Family planning is already in the national budget. Or does the REGULAR already huge budget count for NOTHING?

This is supposed to be money being spent and invested to FIX the mess - that means making the credit markets open up, it ought to mean restoring 401K funds, making people whole again, NOT a massive free for all give away to god knows who.

NO ONE has stopped to THINK about what they are doing. In a drunken orgy - our legislators are throwing pizza at the walls.

“Infrastructure” birth control, no white guys, PORK, PORK, PORK!

Nobody stopping to think, or reason. Just throw that money out the door as fast as we possibly can...

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