Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Fix The Stupid And You'll Regain My Support"

Superb Karl Denninger rant.


Next up is the fact that California is apparently not going to be issuing tax refunds since they're short of money, claiming that they must pay other expenses instead.

"ABC News has learned that tax refunds are now on hold in California for the first time in state history, according to the state controller's office. "

Heh Arnie, let me make something crystal clear to you and the rest of the clowns out there in Sacramento. Tax refunds are not your money. They are excess amounts that the state has no claim to as they were not owed to to the state in the first place. They are the legal property of the person who remitted them in excess of their lawful tax obligation and you have zero right to hold them for so much as one minute beyond the date when you are supposed to return them.

If the citizens of California allow the state to literally steal money from them that they own free and clear, and that the state has no lawful right to retain, then California's residents truly deserve the title of "the fruit and nut brigade."

This is deserving of an immediate lawsuit demanding an injunction - at minimum.

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