Monday, November 06, 2006

It's All Part Of The Contraceptive Mentality

The left-wing mindset: children are a burden and stand in the way of self-actualization and pleasure. Hence, the ones that insult us by being conceived may be killed in the womb, but hopefully this will not be necessary, if we all remember to take our contraceptives, which are the first line of defense against invasion by enemy forces wearing diapers. Now, is it any surprise that the partisans of such a mindset want nothing more desperately than for us to "pull out" of Iraq (and just about anywhere else), before anything new and better can be birthed over there? The added irony is it's all to protect our helpless Airborne, Special Forces, Marine Corps, Ranger, Air Force, Navy, and regular Army "children" over there. So we have an ethos of "pulling out" before we're "done" for the sake of the "children". All so we can become better liked by Europeans, who can't be bothered to even reproduce.

Yup. It's all of a peace [misspelling intentional].

Anyway, this all came to mind as I read this excellent Anchoress post.

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