Friday, November 17, 2006

Important Safety Tips

A Chris Rock instructional video (language warning, but darned funny). H/T John Hawkins.

Hawkins' post highlights an incident at UCLA in which a person resisting the police got tasered at a university library. Of course, we can expect that everyone will be blaming the police, and not the troublemaker.

A commenter at Michelle Malkin re:the UCLA incident:

I watched the taped you had posted on your blog about the UCLA officer. I am a police officer, as well as a trainer in situations similar to this.

What the officer did wrong was continue to ask the subject for compliance. I can tell by his (the officer’s) actions and his words that he is so afraid of doing the “wrong” thing that he has let the safety and well being of both himself and the others in the area become secondary. Police officers across the country are taught to take action quickly and most importantly “don’t’ do it like they do in California.” In other places without the PC police, that guy would have been jacked up and carried out in under 30 seconds, without tasers, noise, or video.

It is a very simple principle: 1+1… if a person uses one type of resistance, a police officer (even in California) is justified in using a force GREATER than that of the offender. If you say NO, then I can lay hands on you! If you fight, I can pepper spray, taser, even hit with a stick! If you have a knife or a club, I can shoot you.

Police officers that attempt to match a person’s resistance with the same amount of force all to often end up in litigation or dead.

I always ask new recruits, “Would you rather hit a person with your nightclub one time as hard as you can in the leg and gain control, OR hit him softly (the pc version) over and over until he gives up. Inevitably, new recruits are afraid to answer until I add…” don’t forget a TV camera is recording.” One solid strike is usually all it takes to gain compliance from someone like the offender in the video, and by the time that is over the folks with the cameras don’t even have time to push record.

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