Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Darwin, Marx, Freud, Or Allah, One Idol Is As Good As Another

If the last decade or so has shown anything, it is that all of the causes that the leftist claims to support are entirely negotiable if some other and better means appear to support his real goal: power. We saw this with the feminist non-response (or was it adoring response?) to Bill Clinton's predatory behavior, which was in sharp contrast to their Anita Hill-fueled righteousness of just a few years previous. We're seeing this with the leftist's utter unconcern about women-hating, gay-hating, Jew-hating fundamentalist Islam. We see this with their post-modern philosophy, which is nothing but an assertion that power is primary, and truth is whatever power says it is.

Pope Benedict, in his recent Regensburg speech, pointed out that as far as Islam is concerned, God's Power is prior to His Truth, and that His will is entirely arbitrary and unconstrained by Goodness. If God says something is Good, then it is Good. If God says that the opposite is Good, then that is Good. When it comes to Allah, power is primary, all else is secondary.

In my opinion, a very strong case can be made that the great 19th century "scientific philosophies" of Darwinism, Freudianism, and Marxism had as their driving force the dethroning of the Judeo-Christian God, and the enthroning of rule by the powerful. Darwinism led to eugenic theorizing, the idea of an Aryan master race, and the wholesale slaughter of Jews (I'm not claiming this is logically entailed by the philosophy, just pointing out certain historical facts). Marxism, of course, referred to religion as the "opiate of the masses", and resulted in large swaths of the world organized as a nearly powerless "proletariat" ruled over by a "vanguard" (that is, those in the vanguard who survived the latest purge), resulting in death or misery for hundreds of millions. Freudianism defined away God as a simple form of wish fulfilment, and enthroned the unconstrained libido as the definition of "liberty".

Currently, Darwinism is losing cachet, Marxism (at least in its economic forms, but not in the overall conception of poor little oppressed victim classes and the associated victim-group tribalisms reminiscent of the Arab world) has abjectly failed, and Freudianism is becoming a bit beside the point as leftist baby boomers age and lose their libidos. But the lust for disenthronement of Yahweh and exercise of power endures.

I predict that at some point in the not-too-distant future, when the leftist discovers that lording it over his neighbor and openly hating the Judeo-Christian God and His followers can provide a far greater buzz than "helping the downtrodden" soft-socialist politics, and a much grander thrill than illicit sex (which after a few decades just gets old and frustrating), then Sharia will be on the way. If gay rights (and even the homosexual identification and self-concept), feminism, raunch and pornography all have to be pitched over the side, so be it. The real thrill-sport can then begin: full-throated and openly stated contempt for Judeo-Christianity, imposition of Dhimmi-status on all those who won't get on the bus, and ruthless enforcement of Sharia on hapless neighbors. The most self-righteous of current leftist leaders will greatly enjoy being imams and building their followings.

Because Islam offers the open and contemptuous disenthronement of Yahweh, aggrandizement of personal power, and unrelenting punishment of all who disagree, the leftist will have found his heaven. Allah will finally be worshiped in spirit and truth!

Look for high-profile Hollywood celebrities to be the first to embrace and display for our edification the new Islamic chic.

As a sidenote, it will be fascinating and amusing to see precisely how the evil of SUV's and the importance of recycling get enshrined as doctrines of Sharia...


Anonymous said...


slightly off topic, but, when reading a translation of the Regensburg lecture, I couldn't avoid being struck by the parallel between Benedict's description of the modern concept of reason as an uneasy union of Platonism and empiricism. His invocation of Platonism reminded me of your recent description of science as reverse engineering -- seeing the obvious logic in nature and figuring out how it works

Anonymous said...

We'll see if your prediction comes true. Those on the side of Darkness seek authority for power, whereas those on the side of Goodness see authority as service. And in the end all is a battle of good or evil, no matter what arena.