Thursday, November 09, 2006

Forgotten Aspects Of The Vietnam Parallel

Democrats started our involvement in Vietnam, and Richard Nixon, a Republican, somehow took all the heat for it. Is it not possible that as the Dems gain power and responsibility and find out they need to be realistic, that our involvement will continue, escalate, and that, should this not work, the whole thing will eventually be seen as their failure?

Also, it will be fascinating to see one of two things happen. If the Dems decide to ramp up our forces there and actually win it, then the MSM will be filled with tales of glorious victory [it would be a hell of a positive thing for the Dems, wouldn't it? To erase their reputation as soft on defense. It took Nixon to go to China. Maybe it takes Democrats to finally lay waste to our enemies, I mean they're the ones who did it the last time. Dresden? Hiroshima? Republicans have never done any such thing]. If the Dems decide to cut and run, and Iraq becomes a monumental bloodbath, then I don't expect Iraq to be an item in the news at all. Either way, we won't have to put up with gloom and doom war reporting any more.

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