Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Future's So Bright I Have To Wear Shades

Dinocrat (H/T Shrinkwrapped):

[O]ur first practical point is that there is no reason to believe that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, or others similarly situated, will not use nuclear weapons. They are in a war with the Modern World, and if it must be literally destroyed for man to properly submit to the will of God, so be it.

Our second point is about Iraq and the recent election. There are those who say that President Bush and Republicans got caught in a pincer movement on Iraq between isolationsists and the anti-military. It is said they got caught beteween those on the Right who think that American soldiers should not kill and die for Iraq in an endless insurgency, and those on the Left who think that American soldiers should not kill and die for America for most any reason at all. We think there is an additional group of Americans unsatisfied with the war, who perhaps should be called Separationists.

We believe there is a pretty large group of Americans who, after watching 9-11 and all the daily witless violence in Iraq, have intuiitively arrived at the conclusion that the Islamic world is utterly irredeemable at present. They would be content to see our military wipe out Sadr and many thousands of Shiites and Sunnis, if necessary, in the hopes of teaching the Arab and Muslim world to go pick on someone else, but they no longer harbor any hope that an Unreformed Islamic world is fit for peace and democracy. They acknowledge that the vast majority of the people in these countries are probably fine folks, but observe that in country after country in the Arab and Muslim world, they count for nothing and one group or another of bully-boys always runs the show. Many of the Separationists would vote for total war if it was on the ballot; since it is not, they would prefer America not waste its time, treasure, and fine soldiers on a fantasy, but rather keep its powder dry for that day when total war will almost inevitably come from the enemy.

We observe that there are more Americans than ever who think that the best outcome in the current set of conflicts is a separation of those who would spread Unreformed Islam from those who choose to live in the Modern World. Absent some deus ex machina appearing soon, however, some now believe that the alternative to the uneasy separation of these groups appears to be the eventual destruction of one or the other of them.

One of the Dinocrat commenters:

Put me down for ‘the eventual destruction of one or the other,’ them or us. I would like to believe the charming schoolgirl fantasy of ‘live and let live’ but Islam does not believe this. It cannot believe this. Before Mohammed was dead it began to expand into Christian lands. Its demands of 1400 years ago were the same as its demands today. Nothing has changed except the machines and the decadence of the West.

We are engaged in a Culture War—think Rome and Carthage, Spain and the Aztecs—and in such a struggle one culture must go under.

Some might be shocked at such words but I am open to evidence of the contrary. The simply stated fact of the matter is that Islam will not leave us the Hell alone. Do a check of all the incidents of terror over the past 50 years; how many were instigated by Islam? Of all the wars infecting our world today, how many have Islam on one or both sides?

Moslems demand that we surrender to them. They have made this as plainly as it can be made in writings and videos and sermons. They kill us whenever and however they can get to us.

We or they. Choose.

On the bright side, there are all kinds of relatively non-violent things we can do if we ever need (and have the spine) to take the gloves off:

  • Seize the Saudi oil fields. Take back our oil from the barbarian hordes, who have no use for it. Thereby defund jihad. We developed the civilization that needs the oil. Not them. If they can't play nice, then no revenue for them, and we take what is rightfully ours.
  • Destroy Iran's oil production capability and blockade the country.
  • Shut down the mosques in this country, and deport the Imams.
  • Profile the hell out of Muslim immigrants. Ban entry to all Muslims from certain countries.
  • No nation building. Simply high-leverage military dominance.
  • Control our freakin' border.

There are all manner of things we can do short of annihilation of the enemy. We haven't even scratched the surface. All of this assumes that we haven't been fundamentally sold out by our own political class...

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