Friday, June 24, 2005

A Succinct Answer

Here's something from David Horowitz today:

Subject: Dissent v. Treason

I'm sure you are following the Durbin flap and O'Reilly's comment that Democrats have crossed the line between dissent and treason. So in your opinion, what is the proper way for those critical of the war and our handling of detainees to state their case?


My answer:

A Patriot will begin by regcognizing that is we who have been attacked by the Islamic jihad not the other way around. A patriot will begin by recognizing what a great and humane country this is, that we're in a war with an enemy who has shown no human decency towards those they have attacked, who will use any means to destroy all of us, every man woman and child because we do not share his religion. A patriot will begin by understanding that war is hell; that as a nation we behave better in war than any other country with the possible exception of Israel; that atrocities are endemic to wars and unlike Arab and Muslim states we don't celebrate our atrocities but condemn them; that we prosecute those who commit crimes on our side; that we are probably treating our prisoners in Guanatanamo better than they deserve and who, having joined a terrorist force to kill all infidels combatants and non-combatants, women and children alike actually deserve nothing; a Patriot will probably understand that if we weren't fighting these bastards in Iraq we would probably be fighting them in Washington and New York, and that is why we must win and to win we must destroy them. Above all a patriot will modify and shape, and set the tone of his criticisms out of respect for our men and women in harms way and for the men and women whose responsibility they are, out of concern for our safety here at home; a patriot will want to take care not to give ammunition to our enemies or to demoralize our brave young men and women on the front or declare a behind the lines war on their leaders, as Dick Durbin and Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy and Al Gore and Jimmy Carter and John Kerry and the New York Times and 60 Minutes or leftists like Michael Moore and Mark Danner and Michael Ratner have already and unconscionably done. A patriot will make clear that the enemy is the enemy, and not us. Then he or she can make whatever criticism they may, suitably framed by these understandings and loyalties, suitably framed by their commitment to a military victory for our side in this war.


Anonymous said...

you are getting very silly as you age! a patriot is anywhone who thinks and says what you say; to do otherwise, no matter how or why or where is to be a non-patriot! you are a very rigid person and alas a tossback to the days of McCarthy.

Matteo said...

That's me. Why, it's like you've known me all my life! Poor rigid me.

So I guess someone who isn't a "tossback to the days of McCarthy" is anyone who thinks and says what you say; to do otherwise, no matter how or why or where is to be a McCarthyite! You are a very wishy-washy person, and alas a tossback to the days of pussified hippiedom.

But at least you aren't accusing anybody of anything or berating those who disagree with you with name calling and psychological analysis. I can tell you're above all that.

Anonymous said...

I have just read your blog. You are very foolish and unintelligent. I am not surprised that so few people read what you write.