Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Nice Post

Ace of Spades delivers a well-written (warning: contains some adeptly deployed four letter words) reflection about Durbin and the MSM.

It didn't occur to him he was about to bring himself and his party into general disrepute.

And so it goes. The liberal media has once again screwed one of their own by not accurately reporting the public temperament and mood. Dick Durbin trusted the liberal media, and is only now finding out that, gee willickers, maybe the American people aren't quite as hopped-up about "abuses" at Gitmo as the left-leaning folks at Amnesty International are.

As Steyn (and everyone else) is remarking: After Clinton finally helped shed the Democrats' long reputation as the party of criminals' rights, a new Confederacy of Dunces is hell-bent on establishing them as the Hug a Terrorist party.

Congratulations-- you just endeared yourself to the NYT's Gail Collins. And alienated the majority of voters in all of the swing states you'll need to win in 2008.

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