Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Liberal Marries A Country Hoping He'll Change

Superb post by Ace Of Spades. A quick read, so go check it out. Here's a teaser:

My post (I'll have to find it) noted that any husband who tells his wife "I kinda-sorta love you, in a way, but I hate almost all of your entire past history, and I despise your current values, but if you change all that, then I will unequivocally declare my love for you" is a guy who's looking to sleep in the garage.

But again and again this is what the left tells us constitutes their "love of country." They show their love by obsessing over the flaws of the supposed object of their affection.

Again-- hey, I'm as annoyed by this country as any liberal. Doesn't mean I have any hesitancy about being a patriot.

I guess the difference between a conservative's and a liberal's love for America is this:

Warts and all, conservatives are smart enough to realize this is the most beautiful wife we'll ever get.

Liberals, on the other hand, still have their eyes fixed firmly on the real object of their true affections-- Europe.

Conservatives may compare America to an unreal idealized version of what a country could be. A bit of harmless, nonthreatening fantasy.

Whereas liberals are always checking out the hot hootchie that lives across the pond called "Sweden."

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