Monday, June 20, 2005

Train Wrecks Change Everything

A comment to a housing bubble post spoke of some dynamics re: illegal immigration. Nothing whatsoever will be done about it, until push comes to shove. And then the problem will be solved in short order. Notice also the very concise rebuttal of the idea that illegal immigration is a net benefit to us.

Herewith, the comment:
We are on the verge of a MAJOR economic downturn, it is only a matter of time. To compound the issue, we are being forced to absorb an enormous number of low-skilled workers who consume FAR more in social service dollars than tax revenue they generate. As I had stated earlier, if these people were the economic goldmine that we are always being told they are, why are the leaders of these countries encouraging them to break into the U.S.? As another blogger posted it is like sending one of your kids to go live at your neighboors house, having the neighboor pay for food, housing, school, and medical care, and giving your kid an allowance and that kid sending his allowance back to you. You get money without having to provide anything for that child. Sounds like a good deal for the leaders of those Latin American countries, not to sure if it is a good deal for the U.S.

Once the RE market tanks and people are forced to compete for these new LOW wage jobs, thanks to greedy employers who encourage illegal immigration, you'll see just how much of a hot-button issue this really has become. People are mad, but tolerant now because they are flush with money from their home's "appreciation". Once that illusion of wealth is gone, illegal immigration, will become one of the NUMBER ONE issues. Since so many municipalities will suddenly be strapped for cash with the loss of all that property tax revenue, do you really think that Legal immigrants and citizens will really stand for the continuing illegal free ride on the social service gravy train? Schools underfunded with 1/3 of the students being illegal immigrants? Hospitals closing because 80% of the non-paying "clients" illegal immigrants. 90%!!!! of the outstanding warrents in Los Angeles county, illegal immigrants?

Yea, once the RE cash bubble bursts, watch just how big an issue this becomes...

Yup, if we ever end up in very difficult economic times, folks thrown out of work are not going to just sit there in destitution while illegals are still mowing lawns, busing dishes, working in construction, etc. The illegals will be thrown out, PDQ. I'm not advocating this, but it's probably what will happen.

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