Thursday, May 19, 2005

Uhh, Guys, Palpatine Is A Democrat

I was just reading this review, which more or less pans the Star Wars movie. It contains this little bit:
Having used the rubric of emergency to seize unprecedented command of the galactic senate, Palpatine/Sidious engages in subterfuge and manipulation to expand his control across the stars and keep the noble Jedi security force two steps behind. The crown jewel in his plan is the corruption and conscription of Anakin's almost unimaginable power, which will render the Sith lord's authority absolute. Tom DeLay couldn't have envisaged better.
Now, who in their right minds who has been following politics for the last 6 years could think that Palpatine is a Republican? If anyone has been trying to pull a massive power-grabbing slick and oily scam, selling the country out to its enemies, while embracing the Dark Side, it's Democrats. Duh. I mean the guy even looks just like Joe Lieberman, for cryin' out loud.

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you my friend, just made my day