Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Giant Con Job?

The "deal" that is. Could well be. This intriguing post spells it out. It refers to the "compromise" as a negotiated surrender on the part of the Democrats. We do have a piece of data to support this: the sudden "no problemo" confirmation of Priscilla Owen. After being held up for four long years as an "over my dead body" extremist. Another piece of data: everyone feels like they lost. How mad can the Dem's lunatic base get about any of this if the Republicans are all crying? Masterfully done. Unlike Tojo, the Dems have surrendered without the nuke being dropped. And, come on, Bill Frist must know full well that he could never have a successful presidential run, so why not be the decoy fall guy? There is an ethos that says "you can get anything done, as long as you don't take credit". Dubya has been mighty silent through all this. He's a subtle guy, that Dubya.

Bork us once, shame on you. Bork us twice, shame on us.


Matt said...

How long ago was the Bork fight? I think I was 15? Maybe 16? I'm 36 now and still can get red in the face talking about it. Of all the horrible people in our government, the men who kept Judge Bork off the Supreme Court are the worst.

Anonymous said...

Back when people were first introduced to the concept of “money” in business transactions there was a need for a method of telling real coins from counterfeit that even the most ignnorant could be un-mistaken about. By mixing expensive metals, the king’s coinsmen came up with a mixture that would give a coin a distinctive “ring” when it was cast upon stone. If base metals were mixed in, the distinctive “ring” was absent.
The compromise agreement announced by the moderates did not have the “ring” of truth about it. I believe that you have found the post that does have that “ring”. Don’t know if that includes tying a can to Reid/Pelosi. Seems to me (not to overdo the folksisms) that they got a good run out of a bad horse.