Saturday, May 28, 2005

Embrace Futility And Love It. Otherwise You Are A Fascist Theocrat.

The post title was inspired by this article, which, along with a recent phone conversation with a biologist friend who has to put up with all kind of anti-Christian career hurdles, also had me thinking about this Chesterton quote:
The man who says, "My critically discerning intellect can no longer credit the doctrine of the Trinity" typically means "I'm sleeping with my neighbor's wife."
Here is a teaser for the article:

If the real controversy over intelligent design is not about science but competing worldviews then it will only be resolved in the populace. But the adoption or subscription to a worldview depends on how compelling it is in its many facets. Question is, will it sell? Obviously there are different markets for a worldview. Academia is one, the scientific community is another, and then there is the general public. While most people probably already have a firmly held worldview, there are also those willing to change if presented with a compelling enough case. But what about in Peoria. Peoria has often been thrown up as mainstream America. If you can’t sell something in Peoria, you’re basically out of luck in America. Now from many surveys it is clear that mainstream America already holds a teleological worldview. Since most Americans either participate in a religious tradition or are “spiritual but not religious” that more than likely entails a teleological view. The real question in the debate is whether the ateleologists, the Darwinians, can sell their worldview to mainstream America.

So what ideas are they trying to sell? Here are some representative quotes:

[Interesting quotes follow]

Will this sell in Peoria. Not! Question is why would anyone want to subscribe to such a miserable worldview? I can see how a truth seeker might if there were no rational, defensible alternatives, but there are. ID and modern religious frameworks offer logical and scientific support for teleological worldviews.

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