Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Did I Mention That I Love Firefox Lately?

As I mentioned here last week, I switched away from Internet Explorer, and started using Firefox. I've also since stopped using Microsoft Outlook and am now using Thunderbird, written by the same folks who gave us Firefox.

Once you use these products, you see clearly what complete junk Microsoft is pushing on us. Since I've switched over, I no longer find myself yelling at my computer "What the hell are you doing?", as I used to many, many times a day, when the machine slowed to a crawl for no legitimate reason. With the MS products, I'd have Outlook open, and maybe 8 web pages, and my system resources would be in the 15% danger zone. With the Mozilla products, I can have mail open and 20 web pages, and have 50% resources available. Web pages load much, much faster. Plus there are no longer pop up windows and animated ads annoying me.

Tabbed browsing is a great innovation that changes and greatly improves the whole surfing experience, plus the product is very customizable in terms of looks and behavior. Finally, it is supported by a living and enthusiastic community, making it a labor of love, instead of whatever it is that Redmond is perpetrating.

If you haven't already, you need to check out these free products!

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