Monday, May 09, 2005

Some Fresh New Blogs

Before I make my site-reading rounds today (in hopes of finding interesting links during this relative drought of much goin' on), I'd like to bring your attention to a couple of cool new Catholic blogs. The first is Gazing over the Tiber, started less than a week ago by a lady who is contemplating converting to the Catholic Church. From what I gather, she has been a commenter over at The Anchoress, and, also, it seems, a reader of this site. Her first post begins with:
It is hard to know where to start, I feel like I am jumping into this blog in the middle of something, and I'm not sure how exactly to proceed. I'm not even entirely sure why I'm doing this, but I feel like I need to write down some of my thoughts, and some of the things I'm learning so that perhaps it will connect more, sink in differently, or at least give me some occasional peace. I hope to post something here daily, either a reaction to something I've read, something I've been thinking about, or something that touches me. I'm curious to see how I do in this.
Looks interesting, and lets pray that God's will be shown to her!

The second is The Cafeteria Is Closed, written by a young man (I'm 40 now, I guess I can say that about a 33 year old. 33. That's the "Jesus year". Lucky guy), who has just in the last year had a very rapid and powerful full-bore conversion to the Church. Like me, he also had a Buddhist phase. Now he wants to be a "Master Catechist". The guy's on fire! And ladies, he's easy on the eyes. The name of his blog refers to "Cafeteria Catholics" who want to pick and choose what they like or don't like and will or won't follow in the faith. With Benedict XVI, the cafeteria is closed! This blogger has even created some tee-shirts. Eat what's on the table, kids!

Finally, someone has created a Catholic Blog directory. Even I'm on there!

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