Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Jumping The Shark

A good synonym for the phrase "Jumping The Shark" might be "Going Sullivan". John Hawkins looks at Sullivan's continued harping on Abu-Ghraib of all things. Be sure to read the Instapundit link in Hawkins' post. Here we find Glenn saying, "But, I confess, I find the question of what Andrew thinks less pressing than I used to." Ouch.

I'll let one of Hawkins' commenters provide a teaser:
Sullivan long ago gave in to his personal need for gay validation via gay marriage; it has warped everything he has written for the last year. When he first began writing about gay marriage it was clear that it would only be a matter of time before he came out for Kerry. Abu Graib is a way for him to rationalize his opposition to Bush. He can tell himself he didn't abandon Bush over gay marriage, but that the entire administration and our war effort are immoral and unjust and point to Abu Graib for his "proof"; then his abandonment of his previous positions could be seen by him as being based on "deeper principles" rather than an opportunistic surrender to his personal desire. It was sad watching someone give up his principles because they clashed with his desires, but that is a danger all of us must be aware of; Sullivan has been very instructive.

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