Monday, March 21, 2011

Lee Stranahan Takes Another Clue By Four To His Leftist Compadres

They just need their two minutes hate. Doesn't matter whether it is based on anything demonstrably false.


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Warren-G said...

This poor schlub doesn't realize it yet, but he is already damned as far as all his former "liberal" friends are concerned. Eternally damned - there is no possibility of forgiveness or reconciliation for him, even if he repents. The secular leftist mentality is more harsh and dogmatic in this regard than the most narrow-minded fundamentalist Christian you could ever find.

Mr. Stranahan, I'm sure, still considers himself to be a proud, card-carrying liberal - and no doubt he is. Nevertheless, he is about to find himself totally shunned, just like a sinner in an Amish community. He can never go back - he has taken an irrevocable step.

He has no idea at all what's coming. Someone should give him one of David Horowitz's books to read.