Friday, March 25, 2011

Because Worshiping Death Instead Of Life Will Do That To You

Edgy but accurate comment here (in reference to Apple banning the iPhone App of Exodus International):
I also wonder, still, WHY the liberal p****** get their tampons in a bunch when Christians pray for them, but couldn’t give a royal damn when muslims KILL them.


Ilíon said...

The Christ taught us to not fear he who may kill (only) the body, but rather to fear who may kill both body and soul. Apparently, "liberalism" turns this teaching inside-out -- fear (and loathe) he who may give life to both body and soul.

Ilíon said...

Mr Gay Patroit asks: "(Why must every attitude which does not correspond with the ideology of the gay left be defined as some form of hate?)"

Ilíon proposes a possible answer: because most men who self-identify as 'gay' have trained themselves to acquire (and amplify) the worst of the character-traits which are stereotypically feminine, while acquiring none of the feminine virtues. Or, further to the point, most have traded whatever level of the typically masculine virtues they might have had for typically feminine vices.