Tuesday, March 22, 2011


John C. Wright:
Meanwhile, the Mohammedan world view takes a somewhat more “Levitican” approach to gay-Muslim relations. Shariah law dictates cruel and Draconian penalties for homosexual acts, including flogging or death.

Obviously Shariah law is not yet firmly rooted in England (except, possibly, for certain financial laws, and some private binding arbitration): but the Muslims, or some of them, believe and say that the triumph of Shariah in England is only a matter of time.
One would suppose that any sign of cravenness in the face of an implacable enemy would serve only to encourage that enemy.

If that supposition is correct, the caution of Out East acts exactly contrary to their own notions of their cause and their self-interest.

Their logic has led them to an absurdity (1) They say Islamophobia is the same as Homophobia (2) they must oppose Islamophobia, and therefore support Islam (2) Islam is homophobic, therefore: they must support homophobia in the name of fighting homophobia.

No one can actually believe this.

My own theory (and I am a thoroughgoing supernaturalist) is that the Prince of the World controls the ways of this world. Hence, the world regards the Christian religion in general and the Catholic Church in particular as its main enemy: and when homosexuality is no longer a useful weapon to use to batter the Church and her sacrament of marriage into near-non-existence, the world uses a more violent and more clearly anti-christian weapon, Mohammedanism. And the first weapon, no longer useful, is dropped.

We have already seen in the last decade the speed with which feminism has been dropped when it clashes with Mohammedanism. Feminists fret about fictional income gaps with men, but ignore women being beaten, murdered or mutilated in their genitalia by their families, or forced into arranged marriages.

If this is how the world treats the cause of woman’s rights, when women represent more than half the race (and, in my opinion, the better half) how loyal with the world be to the few sexually abnormal persons who form a much smaller and less admired minority?


Patrick Button said...

Once again Wright does some awesome philosophical analysis. His commentary on religion and culture make me want to read his sci-fi works.

Ilíon said...

I have long considered it to be mostly a simple case of "projection" when "liberals" accuse us Christians of hating homosexual persons; it seems to me that most "liberals" loathe them ... and find them (currently) useful.