Monday, March 08, 2010

"He Only Bows To Foreigners"

AJ Strata:

Liberals who think they can Rahm through government rationed Health Care are being sent a loud message from the states - who are lining up to legally block Obamacare:

The Virginia Legislature this week is poised to become the first state to pass legislation that says citizens cannot be required to have medical insurance.

Dozens of other states are considering similar measures, possibly setting the stage for one of the greatest tests of federal power over the states since the civil rights era.

If states are allowed to opt out of the mandate, the foundation of Obama’s effort would be undermined, turning the nascent revolt here into one with national implications.

You have to keep asking ‘what’s the point of this obsessive madness?” Obamacare is not going to be accepted. There are numerous legal ways to throw up roadblocks even if it is passed by Hyper-Partisan, ruthless measures. All of it can and will be delayed until there is enough change in DC to roll it all back – probably to deafening cheers from the American people.

The madness driving the aging and deluded liberals in DC is just pathetic. They keep pretending that if they just get the votes it will all be set in stone. It won’t be, but the liberals will have erected the tomb stone for liberalism, that much is for sure. In fact, they may have already set that stone in place and dug the hole. They are simply waiting for the voters to fill it in – and then move on without any regrets.

There is no way to force change from DC. You can get people to agree to change, but you cannot wave your magic wand and tell people they must do what you say. The more you try the more people will stand up to take that silly wand out of your hands and smash it (probably over your thick head).

This Congress is done – it is the lamest of lame ducks. The Democrats are done, and Obama is done. Why continue to fight the majority of Americans? You can’t win. If Obama wants to, he could regain some support, but that would require him to bow down to us. I don’t think he has it in him (he only bows to foreigners).


Ilíon said...

Well, there was that one time, in Florida.

Ilíon said...

It would be good for the nation for the States to reassert their sovereignty -- the US are (*) a federal, not a unitary, republic.

(*) It would be good for us to re-learn to say "the United States are," as our ancestors used to do.