Monday, October 12, 2009

The Federal Government Has Already Seceded From The Union

Good food for thought in these two links.


I believe it is time for State Governments to openly question whether The Federal Government has violated the contractual limits and stipulations of the US Constitution on an ongoing basis for more than two decades, and whether The States should remain within a Union where one party violates the rights and privileges of the Other Parties with impunity and malice aforethought.

Despite the calls of some who scream "racism!" and similar echoes of the 1860s this debate is not only proper now it is proper at any time; all parties to a contract are charged with continual assessment of whether the terms are being met, and it is never "over the line" to raise the question or hold an open debate on this account.


The Constitution is in fact the contract under which each State entered the Union. All contracts may be renegotiated, but none may be violated unilaterally. By refusing to comport with equal protection under the laws of the land as demanded by same and by stepping into what are clearly intrastate matters with judicial and legal activism, as was done with Bush's interference with state predatory lending laws and other similar abuses, along with government refusing to stop bogus accounting that threatens state tax revenues and fiscal health The Federal Government is acting not as a party to The Constitution in concert with the States of this Union but rather as an insane monarch who has used The Constitution as toilet paper and then discarded it into the trash.

The States must demand that these violations be immediately cured and should the Federal Government refuse the States must both indict on their own initiative the bad actors in this economic mess and consider declaring themselves free of the bonds imposed by the Constitution, not by virtue of their desire to violate its' letter and intent but rather as a consequence of the other side's refusal to recognize that the original agreement still exists.


Is not The Constitution (as properly amended) a Contract between the people, the States and The Federal Government?

I argue that it is.

Contracts require performance by all parties.

Has The Federal Government met its burden of performance?

If not, who's seceding from whom?

Is there not an argument to be made that Secession has already happened - without a shot fired - and it was Washington DC and Wall Street that did the Seceding from our Constitutional Form of Government?

Note that under 18 USC Chap 115 Sec 2381-2385, for a crime to be committed an act of secession must involve violence. A "mere" renouncement of the Constitutional Principles that allegedly bind our nation together by The Federal Government and its handmaidens both at The Federal Reserve and on Wall Street, accomplished without violence, is, by all appearances, lawful.

So here's your homework for the day - ponder this:

Does America, bound and defined by The Constitution with the rights and duties of each party defined, still exist, or has Washington DC and Wall Street already seceded over the previous two decades? Is this, in point of fact, not the root of the problems we now face in our economy and nation, whether they be runaway debt, financial frauds perpetrated upon the people, the counties and states, or blatantly-fraudulent entitlement promises that are mathematically impossible to sustain?

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